"Of course, I´m the captain…"


"Of course, I´m the captain…"

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Okay I can’t be the only one who has noticed this!

So we all know that Sosuke has a problem with his shoulder thanks to Kisumiimage

And we all have talked about how Sosuke holding his shoulder yada yada… But there is something that is bothering me…

In the opening of Free! Eternal Summer we see…


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It’s all Rin’s fault - a Soumako ome-shot


Title: It’s all Rin’s fault!

Ship: Makoto Tachibana / Susuke Yamazaki

Wordcount: 996

Summary: The Samezuka and Iwatobi gang play Spin the Bottle. Queue Soumako smooch.

A/N: So I was talking with my friend niamsdoll about soumako and I was like: Soumako + spin the bottle, I’m going to do it. Then I sent this to tomakehimfree and it basically gained life. I’m sorry for any mistakes (I’m typing in my old slow computer and there might - I hope not - some mistakes. If you find any, I’m sorry. This is my first contribution to the Free! fandom and the soumako ship, and if anything this serves as practice to get my writing better. Anyway, enjoy!

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Looking back at the begining of the night, Sousuke didn’t think that it would have ended up the way it did. Not in a million years!

It was all Rin’s fault, to be fair. He was the one who decided to have a boy’s night out at Nanase’s place. To create a bond between Samezuka and Iwatobi or some bullshit like that. Whatever, they were going, Rin wouldn’t accept a no.

Sousuke didn’t care about bonding with others. He already had to interact with Momotarou and the kid was the equivalent of a interaction with an entire football team. He supposed he could do Rin a favour and interact with the Iwatobi gang just the minimun. Boy, how he was wrong…

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and a little more sousuke/makoto holding hands…


Another scene from the “holding hands” ‘verse, which is definitely going to be a full fic now. I said this in an untagged post but I’ll say it again here: thanks so much to everyone who has been reading! If it weren’t for the encouraging notes, I probably would have let this go just at the idea of them holding hands. :D

So I still want to finish that one scene where they’re on the way to Makoto’s and then I’m going to start posting proper chapters on AO3. In the meantime, here’s another scene that popped into my head this evening:


Sousuke has figured out that Makoto doesn’t plan to stay in Iwatobi after graduation, and he’s also figured out that Makoto hasn’t told Haru or Rin. He can’t help wondering if anyone knows.

"My parents know I’m thinking about it," Makoto says when he asks. That’s the line Makoto is sticking to: that he’s just thinking about it. Sousuke is pretty sure he’s made a decision, though, even if he can’t admit it yet.

Instead of pressing that point, Sousuke says, “You’re pretty close with them, huh?” When Makoto nods, Sousuke says, “It must be nice to be able to tell them things.”

Makoto turns to him a little sharply and Sousuke thinks he might have hit a nerve, but there’s nothing defensive in the expression flashing across his face; if anything, it looks like concern. It’s gone before Sousuke can question it and Makoto is smiling as he says, “They even know things I don’t tell them. Like I’m pretty sure they’ve known for a while now that I prefer guys.”

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My gf got me into SouMako and Free!….and we’ve come up with enough attractive imagery to keep the artists busy for a good long while…heh, maybe I’ll write some of it.

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"I ran into him in the hospital a while back"

Based on this and this

aaaaaaaaaand now we know what his deal is

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The ship has sailed


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How Free! Eternal Summer should be

Yeah this is what I ship…because yes, its attractive…


How Free! Eternal Summer should be

Yeah this is what I ship…because yes, its attractive…

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Soumako Headcannon


Makoto rly loves sousuke’s butt. Like he can’t stop touching it whenever he gets the chance and it pisses haru and rin off and sousuke just laughs and makoto gets rly embarrassed because he doesn’t even realize that he’s doing it. And sou is just like “makoto save it for the bedroom, yeah?”, and makoto does that full face and ears blush and sou is just standing there smirking at him. I just rly love embarrassed makoto ok.

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